The World State (TWS) Project Launches to Create World’s First Decentralized Economy

The World State (TWS) Project Launches to Create World’s First Decentralized Economy

The World State (TWS) Project Launches to Create World’s First Decentralized Economy

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W$C Give Freedoms Like No Other

Centralized systems have long monopolized the finance industry since its very beginning. We have become so accustomed to such systems, that we let banks, credit agencies, and other third parties control our accounts, move our money, limit operations, and monitor loans.

What if there was another, fairer, financial model, one that allows complete control of funds and personal access? In fact, there already is: decentralized finance. This model provides higher levels of security and anonymity, with no imposed restrictions.

Essentially, decentralized finance empowers individuals by facilitating peer-to-peer transactions that avoid the use of third parties, and allows people to store money in their own encrypted wallets. Read on to take a deeper look into the world of decentralized finances.

What is Decentralized Finance?

As mentioned, decentralized finance, or DeFi, is not controlled by a central authority. Instead, it operates via a network of participants using secure distributed ledgers, based on the blockchain. Where traditional banks would determine your creditworthiness when you apply for a loan, or credit, with DeFi, a network of people can verify your creditworthiness and provide funds without unnecessary restrictions, infringing checks, or requiring any high commission fees for third parties.

Across all of crypto, decentralization forms the basis of all operations. The blockchain functions as a distributed record of financial transactions. These transaction records are verified by a network of millions of independent devices, or nodes, to validate.

Why is Decentralized Cryptocurrency Better?  

There are several advantages to decentralized currency: autonomy, security, and speed. Since you do not need to place assets with a third party, you do not need to pay any commission or be forced to agree to unfavorable terms.

Additionally, you maintain autonomous control of your funds, unlike having your money in a traditional bank account. Typically when a bank gets hacked, your money is compromised. Whereas, сryptocurrencies offer real protection against hacking, failures, fraud, or theft, due to their inbuilt security features.

Finally, being based on blockchain technology, transactions are much faster than traditional methods since there are fewer steps involved. Also, since each transaction is stored in a block that gets added to the previous block, forming a chain, it is impossible to change information in previously confirmed transactions without affecting the chain. This is part of the blockchain’s secure nature.

The Global Crypto State Has Launched Its Own Currency

Recently, the decentralized world state TWS launched a promising deflationary token called W$C, World State Coin. It underlies The World State tokenomics, as a cost-effective and reliable means of operation.

TWS ecosystem is built on the Polygon network, known for its stability, low costs, and efficiency. These features make the network attractive to some of the largest platforms such as In a similar way, TWS strives to offer the most convenient financial system for its citizens by leveraging the benefits of the Polygon blockchain. 

The project’s financial system is based on its deflationary tokenomics with a limited supply and high demand and supported by its USDC/W$C liquidity pool to ensure safety, stability, and trustworthiness.

Why should you add W$C to your portfolio?

As the currency of a unique and progressive project, aimed at uniting people across the globe to achieve world-changing initiatives, its potential is unrivaled. The decentralized community gives citizens the first and last say in the decision-making processes, and they can vote on proposals that will shape the future and beyond. The W$C token will be used as a medium of exchange within the State. As such, increasing demand will mean it becomes a promising asset within your portfolio.

The project utilizes NFT for its original purpose – proof of ownership, it uses mints to prove ownership of a resident’s passport, create laws, vote for community ideas, and run for office. It also has ambitious development plans, including TWS Blockchain Net, TWSwallet, TWSbridge, and TWSswap. All of these features will be powered by the W$C token.

With the W$C token, you get financial independence, security, and freedom in decision-making. 



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