Youdonate Protocol: The GoFundMe for Web3

Youdonate Protocol: The GoFundMe for Web3

Youdonate Protocol: The GoFundMe for Web3

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of editorial content.

GoFundMe is undoubtedly one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in the world, helping people raise money for life events and challenging circumstances. However, growing scams in the donation and charity space are affecting the growth of these crowdfunding platforms, preventing people from giving back to the community. Youdonate Protocol, a blockchain-based crowdfunding protocol has emerged to close this gap. It combines the security of decentralized technology with the utility of a crowdfunding platform. The added advantage will be the exclusive incentives that genuine donors can enjoy on this platform. 

Owned by SimiDAO, Youdonate Protocol is the first donation protocol on-chain designed to bring transparency and inclusivity to donations. The most interesting feature of this protocol is that it incentivizes every donation with a “Proof of Donation Token”, also called YDT. This means someone donating any amount on the platform can collect their YDT to claim incredible benefits. The goal is to make donations more entertaining and engaging by providing donors with unique experiences and exclusive merchandise through the YDT. 

Youdonate Protocol not only introduces the most secure global donation platform but also encourages millennials and GenZ donors to give back to society. The platform leverages the inherent security of blockchain technology to reduce the risk of fraud and ensure that donations go directly to the intended recipients. Another feature allows donors to track their donations and see how their contributions are making a difference. This makes it the most user-friendly and transparent crowdfunding platform in the world. 

Unlike other donation platforms, Youdonate Protocol is available in both Web2 and Web mediums, making it easier for people to use and donate. Desiring a decentralized-based protocol that combines Web2 and Web3 was a significant challenge for the team behind Youdonate Protocol. The team focused on reducing the bottleneck in the onboarding and donation process to overcome this challenge, and in the process, made it user-friendly also. They are also working to make scams and frauds in donations a thing of the past. 

Recently, Youdonate Protocol entered a partnership with The Telos Foundation, the mass adoption open finance network. This means Youdonate Protocol will be integrated into the Telos Chain. This partnership is a significant milestone for the crowdfunding protocol, as it will expand its reach and adoption in the blockchain community. Now the team is working to enhance user experience to accomplish their mission of bringing inclusivity and transparency to donations. The team’s wisdom is “to keep building and make value the basic acceptable substance.” 

Youdonate Protocol has bigger plans to accomplish in the next three years. Disrupting the donation industry is one of the goals the team behind Youdonate Protocol is working hard to achieve. The team is also putting all the effort into making donations more rewarding for people worldwide. The YDT or Proof of Donation Token will prove to be a game-changer here. With this, the team aspires to become the leading donation protocol on blockchain globally, significantly impacting social giving in the coming years. 


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