Who Accepts Dogecoin as Payment? 8 Places You Can Spend DOGE

Who Accepts Dogecoin as Payment? 8 Places You Can Spend DOGE

Who Accepts Dogecoin as Payment? 8 Places You Can Spend DOGE

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Looking to make some online purchases and wondering who accepts Dogecoin? As one of the most popular meme coins in the market, plenty of stores accept DOGE and other cryptos.  

In this guide, we discuss eight companies that accept Dogecoin payments in 2023. 

List of 8 Retailers That Accept Dogecoin

When exploring who accepts Dogecoin as payment, we found the following eight retailers are worth considering:

  1. Crypto Emporium – Best Online Store that Accepts Dogecoin
  2. Bitrefill
  3. Newegg
  4. Microsoft
  5. ExpressVPN
  6. Namecheap
  7. CheapAir
  8. APMEX

A Closer Look What Stores Accept Dogecoin

Read on to find out more about the best websites that accept Dogecoin in 2023. 

Crypto Emporium 

Crypto Emporium is one of the best online stores that accept Dogecoin payments. This online retailer was launched in 2018 and offers thousands of products. This includes a huge range of luxury watches, with brands including Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, Tag Heuer, Omega, and Richard Mille. 

Other watch brands include Cartier, Gucci, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Blancpain, and more. There are watches for all budgets. Not only does Crypto Emporium enable customers to buy watches with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies, but dozens of other product categories. For example, the electronics department covers smartphones, TVs, and speakers. 

It also covers headphones, cameras, and video gaming consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox. 
Additionally, Crypto Emporium is also one of the best websites for buying designer clothes with Dogecoin. This includes high-end brands for both men and women, such as Gucci, Hugo Boss, Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana, and True Religion. 

Clothing items include everything from jeans, dresses, and t-shirts to formal shirts, hats, and hoodies. Crypto Emporium also lists jewelry products, including necklaces, chains, rings, bracelets, earrings, and cufflinks. Crypto Emporium also lists artwork, including paintings, prints, sculptures, and drawings. 

Looking to buy a new car and wondering who accepts Dogecoin? Crypto Emporium also stands out in this regard. It covers 64 automobile manufacturers, not only including cars but vans, trucks, and motorcycles too. Popular manufacturers include Fiat, Ford, Honda, Tesla, Chevrolet, Land Rover, Toyota, and Volvo. 

Supercars can also be bought on Crypto Emporium with DOGE, including Bugatti, McLaren, and Lamborghini. We also found that Crypto Emporium enables investors to buy real estate with Dogecoin, covering houses, apartments, villas, and plots of land. Real estate listings are available in over 40 countries, including the US, UK, Cambodia, Indonesia, Australia, and Thailand. 

For example, those buying their first real estate investment might consider a medieval townhouse in Portugal. This is listed on Crypto Emporium for just $49,500. Those with a much higher budget might consider a 4-bedroom farmhouse in Aquitaine, France. This is listed for $369,000. There are homes ranging from $25,000 to over $45 million, so all budgets are catered for. 

In terms of the specifics, Crypto Emporium accepts Dogecoin and some of the best altcoins for all listed products. This includes XRP, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, and Tether. It takes just seconds to register an account, and the retailer accepts customers from over 125 countries. All purchases made on Crypto Emporium attract a 0.87% service fee. 

However, purchases also attract 4% in cashback rewards – paid 30 days after buying a product. The rewards are paid in crypto, and all listings qualify. We also like that Crypto Emporium offers superb customer service. Customers can speak with an agent in real-time via the live chat box. Alternatively, customers can request a callback via telephone. 

Visit Crypto Emporium



Bitrefill is a popular crypto-only retailer that accepts Dogecoin. This store specializes in virtual gift cards. This includes more than 300 brands, including Roblox, Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, and Skype. Other popular brands include Steam, NordVPN,  Target, and Walmart. While minimum gift card purchases usually start from $5, this will depend on the brand and the location of the store. 

Looking to top-up a mobile phone and wondering who accepts Dogecoin? Bitrefill also offers a huge range of cash and data top-ups from over a hundred countries. For example, US network providers include AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Simple Mobile, and dozens more. 

The buying process at Bitrefill is also very straightforward. Buyers simply need to choose their preferred gift card, choose an amount, and complete the payment with Dogecoin. Bitrefill will display the wallet address and the QR code for added convenience. As soon as the DOGE tokens are received, Bitrefill will deliver the gift card instantly via email. 


Launched in 2000, Newegg is an online-only retailer that specializes in electronics products. While this is a traditional online retailer that accepts fiat money, it has since moved into the crypto market. In addition to Dogecoin, Newegg also accepts some of the best utility tokens, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tether. It also supports other meme coins, including Shiba Inu. 

In terms of supported electronic products, Newegg is a great option for buying laptops and desktop computers. Popular brands include HP, Acer, Lenovo, LG, and MSI. Newegg also offers a ‘PC Building’ service. This enables customers to build their dream PC based on their preferred specifications. 

Newegg offers plenty of other product types, including gaming consoles, games, TVs, Blu-ray players, speakers, and WiFi services. Other product categories include software, security, toys, sportswear, and drones. While the vast majority of products accept Dogecoin, not all items are eligible. In particular, gift cards and subscription orders cannot be funded with crypto. 


Like many of the companies that accept Dogecoin payments, Microsoft facilitates this via BitPay. This means that DOGE holders have access to thousands of products, including both software and hardware. The former includes the full Microsoft 365 suite, covering  Outlook, OneDrive, Excel, Word, and Teams. 

Dogecoin can also be used as payment for PC games, Windows, and Microsoft apps. Moreover, Microsoft also accepts Dogecoin payments for its laptop and tablet devices. Once a product has been added to their shopping cart, the buyer will be redirected to the BitPay website. 

After selecting Dogecoin, the wallet address will be displayed. The buyer can then transfer the funds to the stated address, and Microsoft will dispatch the product once payment is confirmed. 


ExpressVPN is considered by many as the best VPN service in 2023. It offers fast and secure VPN servers in dozens of countries. This includes locations in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. The most popular VPN locations come with multiple servers, ensuring that users always have the fastest connection. 

ExpressVPN can be used for many purposes. This includes watching geo-restricted streaming services, accessing blocked websites, and adding an extra layer of security when browsing the internet. ExpressVPN can be used on most device types. This includes Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome, Fire TV, and more. money back

ExpressVPN can also be used on smart TVs, which is great for accessing streaming apps. Pricing at ExpressVPN depends on the chosen plan. For instance, when paying annually, this works out at just $6.67 per month. This is because annual plans come with an additional three months of usage. A six-month plan works out at $9.99 per month. 

A flexible plan, which is renewed monthly, costs $12.95 per month. All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee – no questions asked. 


Looking to buy a new domain and wondering who accepts Dogecoin? Namecheap is one of the best stores for this purpose. Not only for domains, but plenty of other services too. For example, Namecheap offers cost-effective web hosting to suit all budgets. 

Those just getting started with a new website will likely find the Stellar plan is suitable, costing just $1.98 per month. This supports up to three websites and a free website builder. Small businesses will find the Stellar Business plan more suitable. At just $4.98 per month, this comes with unmetered bandwidth and free automatic backups. 

In terms of domain prices, ‘.com’ extensions generally cost $13.98 per year. But by entering the promo code ‘NEWCOM598’, this is reduced to just $5.98 in the first year. ‘.net’ and ‘org’ extensions start from $11.18 and $8.98 respectively. Just remember that while Dogecoin is accepted by Namecheap, monthly payments will need to be transferred manually. 


Founded in 1989, CheapAir is a US-based travel agency that has since made the transition online. In fact, not only is CheapAir one of the original online travel sites but it is also an early adopter of crypto payments. CheapAir accepts Dogecoin and some of the best cryptocurrencies to buy today. This includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Tether. 

As the name suggests, CheapAir largely specializes in low-cost flights. It offers a simple search box, enabling travelers to enter their destination and preferred dates. CheapAir will then source prices from over 500 airlines. CheapAir also allows travelers to book hotels and car rentals. 

One of the key benefits of using CheapAir includes US-based customer service and 0% financing. The latter allows travelers to pay for their flight and hotel bookings over three, six, and 12 months. There is also a $100 cashback promise if a flight is booked on CheapAir, but only when a lower price is found elsewhere. 


Looking to gain exposure to precious metals and wondering who accepts Dogecoin? We found that APMEX is a great option, with the platform specializing in gold, silver, and platinum. Unlike other online commodities, APMEX offers physical precious metals rather than an ownership certificate. This comes in the shape of bars, coins, and pendants. 

Investors can choose their preferred precious metals and weight, and proceed to pay in Dogecoin via BitPay. APMEX even offers a unique 1 oz Silver Round with the Dogecoin logo. This costs $31.63 per coin but do note this is $5.79 above the per round spot price. As such, this should only be purchased for collectible purposes. 

When it comes to delivery, APMEX ships to the US and most other countries. Most orders are shipped via UPS, and all precious metal deliveries are adequately insured. 

Is Dogecoin Good for Making Payments?

In this section, we explore the benefits of using Dogecoin for payments. 


While Bitcoin was originally designed as a medium of exchange, it takes at least 10 minutes for transactions to arrive. 

In comparison, Dogecoin is 10 times faster, with transactions taking just one minute. This makes Dogecoin ideal for buying things online, as payments are confirmed super-fast. 

Low Fees

When it comes to transaction fees, Dogecoin is also a lot cheaper than Bitcoin. For example, Dogecoin fees are averaging just 7.4 DOGE as of writing. 

Based on current DOGE/USD prices, this amounts to just $0.60 per transfer. This is the case regardless of how many DOGE tokens are being sent. 


Dogecoin payments are very safe. For example, buying products at Crypto Emporium simply requires the customer to transfer DOGE from a private wallet. 

Crypto Emporium will display the wallet address, and the payment is made externally. As such, Crypto Emporium never has access to the buyer’s private keys. 

Moreover, Dogecoin payments are added to the blockchain network. If there are any issues with the retailer, the buyer can prove that the payment was made. 


Those holding DOGE tokens right now might consider diversifying their portfolio into other products. This will ensure that the portfolio is not over-exposed to Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

For example, Crypto Emporium enables investors to buy stores of value with Dogecoin. This includes real estate, fine art, and luxury watches. 

Is it Legal to Buy Things With Dogecoin?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to buy things online with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies. This is why some of the largest companies globally now accept Dogecoin, including Microsoft, Tesla, and many others. 

With that said, we should note that many retailers do not directly accept Dogecoin payments. Instead, they have formed a partnership with BitPay – a third-party payment processor. 

This usually works as follows:

  • The buyer pays for a product with Dogecoin by transferring the tokens to BitPay’s wallet address
  • BitPay will exchange the Dogecoin tokens for fiat money on behalf of the merchant
  • BitPay will then transfer the money to the merchant

This enables major brands to accept Dogecoin without directly being exposed to the volatile crypto markets. 

In contrast, Crypto Emporium is an online retailer that directly accepts Dogecoin. This is why its products are generally much cheaper than other retailers, as Crypto Emporium does not deal with third-party payment processors like BitPay. 

How to Use Dogecoin to Buy Things

Now that we have covered who accepts Dogecoin, we can explain how to buy things online. Below, we explain the process with Crypto Emporium. 

To recap, Crypto Emporium was launched in 2018 and sells everything from cars, luxury watches, and gaming consoles to mobile phones, headphones, and fine art. 

Step 1: Open an Account

Head over to the Crypto Emporium homepage and open an account. This can be achieved by clicking on ‘Create Account’ and following the registration form. 

Be sure to create a strong password and confirm the new account via email.  

Step 2: Switch Currency to DOGE

By default, product prices on Crypto Emporium are listed in BTC. 

this can be changed to DOGE at the top of the screen. 

Step 3: Browse Products

Already know what to buy with Dogecoin? If so, use the search bar to locate the preferred product. 

If not, use the filter buttons to find the perfect item. Click on ‘Categories’ and choose a product type, such as watches, electronics, or artwork. 

Within each product type, Crypto Emporium displays filters. For instance, within ‘Watches’, customers can filter the results by the brand or price. 

Step 4: Add Product to Shopping Cart

Click on an item to find out more information about the product. The item can be added to the shopping cart at any given time. 

Crypto Emporium will then display the estimated delivery time and costs based on the buyer’s location. 

Step 5: Transfer DOGE

Crypto Emporium will now display the Dogecoin wallet address for making the payment. 

The exact amount will then need to be transferred. If the amount doesn’t correspond with the order total, the product will not be dispatched. 

As such, buyers should take care when making the transfer. Crypto Emporium will send an email once the DOGE tokens are received. 


While Dogecoin is often described as a meme coin, it is accepted by dozens of popular retailers as a supported payment type. Companies that accept Dogecoin payments include Microsoft, Newegg, ExpressVPN, CheapAir, Namecheap, and many others. 

Overall, however, Crypto Emporium is the best retailer for buying things with Dogecoin. It sells everything from laptops, TVs, and smartphones to watches, mining equipment, and cars. Crypto Emporium also lists real estate from over 40 countries. 

Head over to Crypto Emporium today to browse thousands of products – many of which come with a huge discount when paying with DOGE. 

Visit Crypto Emporium


Are there any retailers that accept Dogecoin?

Yes, plenty of retailers accept Dogecoin – including Crypto Emporium, Microsoft, Newegg, and ExpressVPN. 

How to buy things with Dogecoin?

To buy electronics, cars, artwork, watches, and more with Dogecoin – head over to Crypto Emporium to complete the purchase process. 

What can Dogecoin be used for?

While most people buy Dogecoin for investment reasons, DOGE tokens can be used to buy TVs, smartphones, and even real estate at Crypto Emporium. 

Does Tesla accept Dogecoin?

Yes, Tesla does accept Dogecoin – but only for selected merchandise products and not for buying electric cars. 


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