Traders Predict the Best Crypto to Buy Now is This New Token Presale

Traders Predict the Best Crypto to Buy Now is This New Token Presale

Traders Predict the Best Crypto to Buy Now is This New Token Presale

With $3.5 million in seed round funding raised, C+Charge (CCHG) is a trending new cryptocurrency project set to end its presale March 31st. 

Many crypto influencers have speculated on the future of this eco-friendly asset – and most of their outlooks are bullish. 

Our resident analyst Jacob Bury included CCHG in his latest picks for the best crypto to buy now alongside other trending crypto coins Arbitrum (ARB), Flare (FLR), and Mask Network (MASK).  

C+Charge Background

C+Charge is a green crypto project that aims to increase the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road by addressing the issues that are currently holding back the EV charging space, and support the drive for net zero Carbon emissions.

The token launched its presale in January 2023, and it is about to conclude this Friday. Bitmart has already been confirmed as the first centralized exchange to list C+Charge on the 31st.

The eight-stage presale started at a price of $0.013. Early movers have already made close to 100% gains with the current price being $0.0235.

C+Charge has also announced a partnership with Waygate – an android and iOS application that captures real-life applications in 3D and mints them as an NFT. 

Forming strategic partnerships to impact the green crypto space, C+Charge is on the radar of many industry-minded investors as the best crypto to buy now.

Crypto Trader Predictions for CCHG Token

Elsewhere in online trading communities these crypto YouTube channels have also highlighted CCHG as potentially one of the best cryptocurrency coins to invest in now:

Jake Gordon Crypto – C+Charge could be the first real-world use case for a cryptocurrency project

Jake Gordon is one of the emerging voices in the crypto space, and listed CCHG as one of the best cryptos to buy now: 

With over 25k subscribers at the time of writing, Jake is always on the lookout for better crypto projects to invest in; projects with real-world use cases influence him the most. 

He mentioned he is tired of crypto projects that only offer NFTs and little more, and that CCHG brought something new to the table.

“If you think about the crypto projects in the last bull run – all NFTs and nonsense etc. I was kinda sick of seeing it. This could be the first, the very first real-world use case for a project from the ground up.”

Crypto Gains – If you can just charge your car with crypto – it is going to be a game changer

Crypto Gains is a veteran crypto investor with over 100k subscribers.

As one of the major crypto guys in the Youtube space, he had this to say about C+Charge:

“This is the one you seriously would want to pay attention to. I like it. There are good fundamentals surrounding this project. They have got great partnerships. The team is doxxed, and they have a background in tech as well as the crypto fundamentals.”

Crypto Ellis – This crypto project can change the world

Crypto Ellis is an up-and-coming crypto YouTuber with close to 20k subscribers on YouTube.

The primary focus of his videos is to find low-cap altcoins with maximum gains potential – and C+Charge made the cut on his recent picks for the best crypto to buy right now.

“This altcoin project will change the world and will change the EV industry as we know it. This project could potentially be huge and can reach $1 billion market capitalization – which may happen soon if this project really takes off. ”

Best Crypto to Buy Now?

C+Charge has been one of the mostly hotly anticipated new crypto presales of 2023 with its real-world applications in industry and utility.

Learn more about CCHG and other new token presales on our in-depth best crypto to buy now article.

Also find the whitepaper and full roadmap at where the presale is still ongoing but set to end shortly, with approximately 24 hours now remaining.

Visit C+Charge Presale Now

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