Securedverse Presale Goes Live, Opening the Best Play-to-Earn Gateway of 2023

Securedverse Presale Goes Live, Opening the Best Play-to-Earn Gateway of 2023

Securedverse Presale Goes Live, Opening the Best Play-to-Earn Gateway of 2023

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Securedverse, a decentralized gaming platform that aims to provide a secure and sustainable virtual world for users, has launched the presale of its native token SVC. As one of the most promising gaming projects of 2023, Securedverse has been drawing massive attention over the last few weeks. The presale will give users an opportunity to invest in SVC, which is widely predicted to become the next big crypto play-to-earn token.

Securedverse vs crypto and traditional competitors

Over the course of time, gaming has taken a predatory role. This is especially true in the case of play-to-earn games that require users to make hefty initial investments. But there are more hurdles that stand in the way of the growth of the industry:

  • Costly in-game purchases of avatars, accessories, weapons, and upgrades. 
  • Intrusive offers and advertisements. 
  • Unsatisfying rewards, barely enough to cover the cost of the in-game assets.
  • Limited ownership of the in-game assets, which sometimes leads to theft, hacking, etc. 

Due to these troubles, most people consider gaming a hobby rather than a reliable source of passive income. Blockchain games entered with some excellent value propositions that can solve these problems. But most have failed to deliver on their promises. They need large initial investments, especially if the game is popular. The high entry barrier turns away gamers who don’t have money to spare on ‘hobbies’. As a result, user acquisition stalls, and the value of the gaming assets plummets down, rendering the crypto gaming model unsustainable. 

To penetrate wider demographics, blockchain games have to lower the initial capital requirements. And that is exactly what Securedverse has done. It introduces a first-class gaming experience that is gripping, democratic, and lucrative at the same time. Here, you can participate in different games and activities. In addition, there are options to trade goods and services within the virtual economy. 

Securedverse is powered by blockchain technology. As a result, it allows for enhanced transparency and security in transactions. The project’s ultimate aim is to nurture a virtual world that is both entertaining and economically sustainable. It will host a new dimension of online interaction in gaming. 

The first free-for-all first-person shooter game in Web 3.0

Let’s find out how Securedverse combines the security and advanced earning potential of blockchain with the traditional gaming experience. 

The Securedverse play-to-earn ecosystem features a wide range of heroes and weapons. Your ability to choose a hero and equip them with weapons determine the efficiency of your gameplay. The goal is to use your resources and bring down all other players to win rewards. 

Securedverse launches its first-person shooter in both free-to-play and play-to-earn (P2E) versions. That is a great way to make the game accessible to many users, regardless of their initial capital investment in the game. It also goes a long way in onboarding gamers from the traditional gaming community. 

Securedverse hosts a secure and fair gaming environment leveraging its blockchain makeup. All transactions of the in-game assets are recorded on the blockchain, allowing anyone to verify their authenticity. 

There will be multiple streams of passive income in Securedverse, apart from gaming. A good example is staking, where you lock up SVC coins in the staking protocol in exchange for attractive interest. There will also be a leaderboard system, which you can climb based on your gaming performance. 

Here is a trailer of the game:

What lies ahead for Securedverse 

Although Securedverse is an early-stage crypto project, the team has completed the first phase of game development already. The game will go live along with the token launch after the public ICO, which is now live. It opens an excellent opportunity to stock up on SVC tokens at discounted rates. Judging by the hype around the project, the pre-alpha public release of the game is expected to take the token on multiple bull runs.

In phase 2, multiple maps will be added to the game to bring more color and vibrancy to the gaming experience. The maps will portray unique landscapes, obstacles, and challenges. Over time, new game modes and heroes will go live with fresh and exciting new modes of gameplay. 

By Phase 3, the game will have acquired a larger user base. And the time will be right for the launch of SVC staking, bringing an extra source of income to users. The team will continue to add new heroes, maps, and game modes to feature gripping gameplay on par with high-end traditional games. Another interesting aspect is the virtual reality version of the game that will go around the same time. The game will also host special events, offering players the opportunity to participate in unique challenges and earn rewards.

How to buy SVC?

As one of the best crypto gaming projects of 2023, Securedverse is built to match high-end traditional games. For the same reason, it has the potential to acquire a large user base in the coming months. Needless to say, that will drive the value of SVC tokens, making it an excellent crypto investment this year. Regardless of the ups and downs in the market, Securedverse has the potential to book up to 15X returns for early investors by the end of this year. 

Since the SVC presale is hosted in four stages with gradual price hikes, the earlier you buy the token, the higher the discounts. The no-vesting condition mitigates the risks attached to the presale purchase

Total Supply

700M $SVC

Public Presale Supply

140M $SVC

1st Stage – 35M $SVC

1 USDT = 69 $SVC

Price: 0.0143 USDT

2nd Stage – 35M $SVC

1 USDT = 53 $SVC

Price: 0.0186 USDT

3rd Stage — 35M $SVC


1 USDT = 43 $SVC

Price: 0.023 USDT

4th Stage — 35M $SVC


1 USDT = 33 $SVC

Price: 0.03 USDT

The funds from the presale will be used to list SVC on tier-1 exchanges and expedite the game development. The project has already secured partnerships with two leading exchanges. 



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