Quadzilla, Shrek, Pink Panther: Golf’s strangest nicknames

Quadzilla, Shrek, Pink Panther: Golf’s strangest nicknames


Only in golf can you watch Spider-Man go toe-to-toe with Shrek, or see a Walrus face off against a Great White Shark.

Since the game’s earliest tournaments, countless top players have been blessed – and cursed – with an array of nicknames, many becoming synonymous with their sobriquets.

Some monikers are a nod to the golfer’s appearance. “The Pink Panther” was a natural pairing for Paula Creamer and her permanently pink wardrobe, while Ernie Els’ tall frame made him a good fit for “The Big Easy.”

Others reference personality. A wicked sense of humor made Lee Trevino “The Merry Mex,” and in the case of Tom “The Towering Inferno” Weiskopf, his moniker is a blend of both his height and his occasionally scorching fits of rage on the course.

On the other hand, some nicknames are spawned by specific events, from the fantastic to the farcical. “Ms. 59” was the title bestowed upon Annika Sörenstam after the Swede shot an unprecedented low score in 2001. Six years later, Woody Austin took an unplanned plunge into the water at the Presidents Cup and resurfaced with a new identity: “Aquaman.”

From the sublime to the ridiculous, nicknames are as natural to golf as bunkers and birdies.

Scroll through the gallery above to explore the most iconic golfing nicknames.


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