Presale Ends in 24 hours: C+Charge Announces NFT Partnership With The Waygate For 3D Capture of Electric Vehicles

Presale Ends in 24 hours: C+Charge Announces NFT Partnership With The Waygate For 3D Capture of Electric Vehicles

Presale Ends in 24 hours: C+Charge Announces NFT Partnership With The Waygate For 3D Capture of Electric Vehicles

Tuesday March 28th 2023 –  C+Charge, an EV charging platform, has joined forces with The Waygate, a smartphone application available on Android and iOS that allows individuals to convert real-world objects into NFTs using 3D scanning technology.

This latest in a string of partnership deals will support C+Charge’s mission to democratize EV carbon credits. 

Investors are in a hurry to plow funds into C+Charge, which has raised $3.47 million with just 24 hours left in its presale, where the CCHG token is selling out. 

C+Charge and The Waygate will work together to make the capturing technology easily accessible from within the C+Charge ecosystem.

Using The Waygate’s tech, C+Charge users can capture images of their EVs and create avatars that can then be used in the virtual world of the Metaverse as well as for maintenance and insurance purposes and in a host of other scenarios.

The Waygate’s 3D capture technology will take carbon credits industry into virtual worlds

Later this year The Waygate will roll out its Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) technology, which will allow C+Charge users to create full 3D scans of their EVs.

C+Charge makes it possible for drivers to receive carbon credit rewards when they charge their EVs – something that doesn’t happen at the moment. 

Adding The Waygate’s app to the mix will make the C+Charge ecosystem even more enticing for EV drivers and those that use its app to make purchases and earn carbon credits. 

C+Charge has been rolling out ever-more frequent product and collaboration announcements as its token’s first exchange listing approaches on Friday, March 31st.

In a recently inked deal with ReCharge, for instance, C+Charge announced that it would be bringing staking to the platform and, as part of the partnership, entering the South Korea electricity charging market.

Helping C+Charge expand ecosystem utility into maintenance, insurance and more

C+Charge’s CCHG utility token is used to pay for EV charging across multiple station networks globally, solving the problem of drivers having to navigate different payment and charging measurement systems. 

The Waygate technology, which can also leverage LiDAR (laser imaging, detection, and ranging), will enable C+Charge EV drivers to not only create NFT avatars that can enter the Metaverse, but also plug them into compatible maintenance, insurance and other systems. 

For example, C+Charge community members will be able to use the technology to document maintenance status and validate vehicle conditions for insurance purposes. 

There would also be possibilities in sectors such as entertainment, with carbon credit rewards and trading becoming gamified, helping to deepen adoption in an area critical for mitigating the effects of climate change.

C+Charge’s latest partnership adds yet more value to the C+Charge utility token, further underlining the project’s leading position in the EV crypto space. 

C+Charge is widening the possibilities of what EV ownership can do for consumers

Commenting on the tie-up with The Waygate, a C+Charge spokesperson said: 

“C+Charge partnering with The Waygate is very strategic for us.”

“It provides an additional avenue for users to create utility NFTs that will enhance their EV ownership experience by allowing them to create custom NFTs of their vehicles.”

“The utility applications for insurance, maintenance, and other data capture are endless. This technology will further empower drivers.”

“There are also lots of possibilities with gamification, as it will provide users the ability to create scannable avatars of their EV that can be rendered in Metaverse settings.”

“There is a built-in crossover with XManna, our gaming and metaverse partner, that we are working on, such as innovative cross-promotional programs between the real world and metaverse platforms.”

“The technology that C+Charge is gaining access to further establishes us as a leader in the EV crypto space, providing real utility to users.”

“We are a few weeks away from launch, we look forward to more partnerships that will help C+Charge further distinguish itself in the Web3 world.”

First crypto exchange listing is this Friday, March 31 

CCHG token is on sale for $0.0235 – this is the price the token will list at on the top 30 crypto exchange BitMart on Friday, March 31. 

BitMart has up to nine million users and attracts daily trading volumes north of $400 million, so is an ideal venue for CCHG’s debut.

Those investors who bought in the first stage of the CCHG presale at $0.013 have made a nominal profit of 80%.

Yet buying in the next 24 hours will still be a savvy investment decision because the price of this eco-friendly and highly sustainable digital asset is likely to strongly appreciate in value when it starts trading. 

Crypto analysts predict C+Charge’s token could be one of the stellar profit machines of the year, generating a 10x return on investment.

The BitMart exchange has more than, ranking it in the top 30 crypto exchanges globally, according to data site CoinMarketCap.

80 million-plus tokens to be burned after presale ends – how to buy CCHG

Last-minute presale buyers also stand to benefit from the burning of 80 million unsold tokens after the presale ends. 

The burn event will boost the value of the tokens already bought by presale participants.

C+Charge already has a web version of its app in beta for the community to start testing – the first 200 people to provide their wallet address can win a special prize as well as the chance to win $300 in CCHG tokens.

To set up an account and log in, users can go to in their browser on mobile or desktop.

C+Charge is also running a $50k giveaway competition, and entry details are available here

The competition closes in 3 days.

CCHG tokens can be bought with BNB or ETH by connecting a crypto wallet at the C+Charge website, but a card funded with ordinary money can also be used.

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