Metropoly Setting Sights for Launch As Final Stage of Presale Commences

Metropoly Setting Sights for Launch As Final Stage of Presale Commences

Metropoly Setting Sights for Launch As Final Stage of Presale Commences

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After raising over $1,000,000, the Metropoly is in the final stages of its presale, with just a couple of days to go. The tenth stage of the presale will be the final stage and will run for ten days ahead of the product launch, which is currently scheduled for May 1st, 2023.

Metropoly has created the world’s first NFT marketplace filled with NFTs that are backed by real-world real estate assets. All of the NFTs on the platform generate a passive income for holders, and investors in the METRO token are becoming extremely excited about where Metropoly could head following the official launch.

Metropoly Final Presale Stage Underway

The ninth stage of the Metropoly has officially concluded, and the tenth and final stage is getting underway. With the tenth stage in motion, the price for the METRO token has now increased from $0.0625 to $0.0714.

For those wondering, this still presents a fantastic opportunity because the Metropoly team has stated that the METRO token will be listed on tier-1 exchanges across the industry at a price of $0.1. As a result, those investing today are still likely to exit the presale with profit. But, most importantly, those investing today won’t have to wait too long for the Metropoly product to be released, as it’s scheduled for May 1st.

In addition, the competition giveaway for the luxurious Burj Khalifia penthouse is still active. Those that invest a minimum of $100 in the METRO presale are eligible to enter the contest so long as they complete the giveaway tasks, which include following Metropoly on social media accounts.

Making Real Estate Investment More Accessible

Investors are rushing to the final stages of the presale because they believe that the real-estate-backed NFT marketplace has strong growth potential in the cryptocurrency sector. The entire idea behind the Metropoly Marketplace is to make real estate more accessible to the average investor by removing the complex barriers to entry to invest.

Metropoly is on a mission to democratize real estate and open the doors to a wider audience to get invested in the asset class that the world’s 1% of wealthiest individuals used to grow their fortunes. The platform allows investors to come to the marketplace and get started with their real estate portfolios in just a few clicks.

Most importantly, there is no need for investors to consult banks to acquire a mortgage to invest in real estate. This is particularly beneficial considering the fact that interest rates are sky-high right now, meaning that the cost of a mortgage is expensive. Additionally, there are no hidden fees on Metropoly nor mountains of paperwork to fill in. Instead, investors simply have to purchase an NFT to instantly invest in real estate on the platform.

Metropoly Has It All: Passive Income, Fractional Ownership, Capital Appreciation

The best part about the Metropoly Marketplace that helps to make real estate investment accessible to everybody is the fact that investors can start with as little as $100. This is made possible due to the fact that all of the Metropoly properties in the portfolio are broken down into little pieces and tokenized – allowing for fractional ownership. As there are no geographical restrictions on the platform, this means that an investor can invest in a penthouse in Dubai, a townhouse in Paris, and a luxury apartment in London for as little as $300.

Investing in one of the Metropoly NFTs grants the owners all of the same rights expected related to real estate investment. In addition, as the investor owns the NFT, they’re free to take advantage of any capital appreciation by listing their NFT for sale on the marketplace at any time.

Furthermore, real estate investments generate income for investors through rental yield. Metropoly makes this cash flow a passive income because they handle all of the property maintenance by finding tenants and ensuring they pay each month. NFT holders simply need to wait for their share of the rental yield to be distributed to their wallets in stablecoins each month.

In addition to real estate investment, Metropoly will also be releasing a mortgage lending platform that will allow real estate investors to take loans out against their NFTs.

Product Set for Launch April 1st

As mentioned, the tenth stage of the presale will run for just ten days (just two days remaining), selling the METRO token for a price of $0.0714. METRO will be the fuel that drives the entire ecosystem and will be used as a reward and transaction token on the platform.

Metropoly has announced that it’s ready to launch the official version of its marketplace following the completion of its presale. Currently, the date is scheduled for May 1st, but the team has stated that this is pending the outcome of discussions with tier-1 exchanges that are currently underway.

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