Metropoly Crosses $1 Million Milestone in Presale, Final Stage Underway

Metropoly Crosses $1 Million Milestone in Presale, Final Stage Underway

Metropoly Crosses $1 Million Milestone in Presale, Final Stage Underway

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The elimination of intermediaries and associated expenses and delays is often touted by the crypto community as a means of disrupting various industries. Due to its bureaucratic procedures and paperwork, real estate, being one of the oldest and most complex sectors, is frequently cited as an ideal industry for transformation.

Metropoly, an NFT project, seeks to address the challenges of the real estate industry by utilizing digital technology. It has already managed to attract a horde of investors, as the project has crossed the $1 million funding milestone in the presale. The signs are all in place that this will be a successful project. This article explores the workings of Metropoly and the potential benefits for users, such as the chance to generate passive income.

METRO Presale Hits $1 Million Milestone in Presale

The METRO presale is a runaway success, as the presale fundraising figure just crossed $1 million. It’s a remarkable achievement for a project that is working on a very important use case. 

Metropoly’s platform employs the exclusive METRO token, an ERC-20 token with a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens, as the sole currency. The token serves as a utility token for transactions and incentives on the platform. The ongoing Metropoly (METRO) presale allows interested investors to obtain the token using USDT, ETH, or BNB, with a current value of $0.0714 for one METRO token.

With over $1 million already raised in its presale and the project garnering significant attention on social media and in the cryptocurrency community, it appears that Metropoly is gaining momentum in the industry.

Investors who participate in the Metropoly presale are granted membership in the Platinum Member’s Club, which comes with various benefits that increase in value with the amount invested. The first tier of membership includes benefits like early access to the Metropoly Beta and a Metropoly NFT, while higher tiers offer real estate NFTs valued at $10,000 and cashback on rental income. Furthermore, the earlier an investor joins the presale, the more incentives they can earn.

The project has also announced its launch date, which is set for May 1, 2023. This news adds to the growing excitement surrounding Metropoly, making it an opportunity worth considering for interested investors.

Metropoly Offers a Range of Enticing Properties

Metropoly is a groundbreaking project that has the potential to transform the real estate market. It is the world’s first NFT marketplace for real estate, where physical properties serve as the sole backing for NFTs, offering individuals the opportunity to invest in real estate using NFTs. These NFTs are connected to real properties, enabling investors to participate in real estate opportunities regardless of their credit score or location.

The primary aim is to facilitate fractional real estate investment, enabling investors to purchase a fraction of ownership in the property and acquire properties at a much lower cost, with an investment starting as low as $100. With Metropoly, investors can envision owning a share of a high-end property in a prime location and earning rental income.

Metropoly offers a significant advantage over traditional real estate procedures, which can take several months to complete. With Metropoly, these processes can be completed in seconds, allowing anyone to participate in the real estate market and protect themselves against inflation, regardless of their location.

In addition, the project has launched a $1 million giveaway that gives participants the chance to win a luxurious apartment located in the renowned Burj Khalifa. The winner can earn up to $100,000 annually in rental income from the property. To participate, users can complete ten entry methods that primarily focus on promoting Metropoly, such as joining the Telegram channel, sharing the project on Twitter, and referring friends.

Metropoly has recently released the beta version of its platform, allowing users to browse through the available properties for investment. The platform includes separate sections for auctions, mortgages, and payouts. The fact that there is already a functioning product is a positive sign of the project’s potential success, which makes it a viable option for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to explore during the presale phase. However, it is essential to understand that the properties showcased in the prototype are for demonstration purposes only.

Why is Metropoly Needed?

In 2021, the global real estate market was valued at $6.8 trillion, with a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1.9%. This growth trend is expected to continue, making the industry a lucrative investment opportunity. In the United States, the market was valued at $3.69 trillion in 2021, and it is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 5.2% from 2022 to 2030.

Currently, the US has a house-to-income ratio of 7.71, exceeding the ratios seen during the 2008 housing bubble and the pre-2000 ratio of around 4.4. To prevent pricing out significant portions of the population from the housing market, this trend needs to be reversed.

Real estate investment has been an appealing option for investors for several decades, but it has faced several challenges in recent years. One of the significant issues is the growing financial and bureaucratic obstacles that make it difficult for individual investors to reap the benefits of real estate ownership, including security and passive income opportunities.

Without a doubt, the real estate market requires a transformation, and blockchain technology has the potential to overcome the obstacles that have hindered progress. Blockchain is one of the most discussed cryptocurrency applications, and Metropoly is leading the charge in this revolution.

Real Estate Will Never Be the Same 

Over time, real estate has been a trusted means for individuals to safeguard their assets, providing them with a tangible asset with intrinsic value and a physical dwelling. With the current economic volatility, owning a property can offer vital reassurance, serving as either a primary residence or a source of rental income.

The emergence of NFTs in the real estate industry holds significant potential for revolutionizing transactional processes, benefiting all parties involved. Metropoly is a prime example of this innovative approach, providing the opportunity for real estate investment for people from diverse backgrounds. The platform’s groundbreaking concept positions it to become a significant player in the cryptocurrency market.

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