Metaverse for Commerce Platform DeeLance Raises $100,000 Since Launch – Stage 2 Price Increase Soon

Metaverse for Commerce Platform DeeLance Raises $100,000 Since Launch – Stage 2 Price Increase Soon

Metaverse for Commerce Platform DeeLance Raises $100,000 Since Launch – Stage 2 Price Increase Soon

Tuesday April 11th 2023 –  DeeLance, a Metaverse-based commercial interface platform that facilitates various functions such as human resource and supply chain management, has raised $100,000 from investors in just one week.

Token buyers today, at a price of $0.025, will see a paper gain of 112% when the $DLANCE token lists on exchanges at a price point of $0.053.

On April 10th, the DeeLance team took part in a Binance Live AMA with Crypto Jamie, which you can catch up with for the latest project developments.

DeeLance brings economic actors together in a marketplace where business gets done in revolutionary new and super-efficient ways. 

Although the ecosystem acts as a recruitment service for buyers and sellers of human resources, it is much more than that.

In the first instance, DeeLance leverages non-fungible token (NFT) technology to secure the ownership of produced-to-order work packages. 

But DeeLance has many more layers than simply being a freelancer and hiring platform. 

Although the metaverse concept has perhaps been overhyped in some respects, especially at the level of virtual reality and navigating in 3D spaces, it is in its existing more prevalent 2D form as a desktop-based interaction that the paradigm will be more readily realized. 

That’s exactly the approach being taken by the DeeLance blockchain ecosystem – no goggles required!

Discovering DLANCE token utility – set up your business in the DeeLance metaverse

Imagine setting up an office for your service in the DeeLance metaverse. Let’s say it is a writing agency.

Assuming you already have $DLANCE tokens in your crypto wallet, you will first have had to buy some DeeLance land, represented as an NFT. 

Then you will need to tell people about your service in the fast-expanding DeeLance world. 

To get their attention you might need to pay for advertising space. 

You could advertise on your office storefront or perhaps at a nearby community hub, or on the side of a large building another DeeLance user is renting out space on.

Maybe you don’t have enough DLANCE tokens to buy land and build an office so you lease instead. 

The money you’ve saved can now be used to hire agents to work the virtual space drumming up business for your writing/content services agency.

Contacts and leads made by your agents might want to learn more about your business and services before signing on the dotted line. 

Why not organize a meeting for them? 

There could be sessions for the different types of editorial content needs, from writing guides to preparing press releases or writing web content. 

Each session could provide examples of how your company liaises with clients, templated examples of the work, the proofreading process and management of client amendments and other requests.

Intimate business relations and the reach and flexibility of untethered spaces 

Instead of this all being conducted in a soulless productivity software tool environment, the DeeLance metaverse provides a more engaging and constructive setting for building working relationships. 

It of course isn’t the real world, but it has some of its intimacy. 

This is how trust and confidence is built at both a business-to-business level and with customers. 

Indeed, it could be argued that the metaverse and the DeeLance NFT marketplace can together provide something of an approximation to that real-world experience, which is after all how the business of making money has been carried out for generations past.

And the metaverse is in another regard better than the old ways of doing things in the Web2 world. 

By being untethered from physical and geographical space, it becomes possible for the avatars of individuals or other entities to meet, even though their physical selves are perhaps thousands of miles apart.

In the DeeLance ecosystem, metaverse, NFT marketplace, freelancing and job hiring platforms create a seamless interactive whole. 

Perhaps you want to use all that the ecosystem has to offer, perhaps only one part – that’s up to you because DeeLance is infinitely flexible and easy to navigate.

DLANCE token utility – a world of possibilities and extensible value 

The $DLANCE token provides access to all of the possibilities and products described above. 

It is this varied utility that is the foundation of the $DLANCE token’s extensible value proposition. 

What’s more, the DeeLance NFT marketplace provides the backbone of an ecosystem that also enables the exchange of products and services at a digital and non-digital level.

Although not commonly appreciated, NFTs can be used to represent non-digital items that have physical presence. 

Products that exist outside the DeeLance metaverse can be represented as NFTs, be it real estate or art.

Taken a step further, these ‘off world’ non-digital items could be presented for sale in the metaverse in a fractionalized way. 

A painting, for example, could be sold in parts in a way that wasn’t possible before the advent of NFTs and services like the DeeLance NFT marketplace.

It also shouldn’t be overlooked how important being able to prove ownership is in a digital marketplace. 

Commercial transactions must take place in a secure and transparent fashion so that all parties can be confident about the extent of their contractual obligations. DeeLance NFTs solve this basic problem not just for hirers and freelancers, but for all commercial actors in its metaverse.

Huge market opportunity for DeeLance – how to buy DLANCE token

According to ecommerceDB, the market segments of the metaverse could be valued at as much as $335 billion by 2027, compared to $39 billion in 2022 – a massive 759% increase. 

The ecommerce segment alone accounted for $16 billion of the 2022 valuation, making it the largest sector.

Add to that the recruitment services industry valued at $761 billion globally in revenue terms, according to IBISWorld, and there’s a huge market for DeeLance’s business model to latch on to.

$DLANCE, runs on the Ethereum blockchain – crypto’s No.1 protocol for business and commerce applications –  and is currently priced at $0.025 in Stage 1 of the six-stage presale. 

Investors can buy $DLANCE with Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT) or with a card over the Transak payment network.

DeeLance’s presale first stage ends in 5 days, at which time the token price will rise to $0.029 in Stage 2.

Crypto analysts are already predicting the DeeLance project to be one of the next crypto to witness ballistic price appreciation for its access token. 

This is the year of Web3 and DeeLance is at the forefront of a business revolution that’s open to everyone to get involved.

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