Immediate Future Review – Scam or Legitimate Crypto Trading Software

Immediate Future Review – Scam or Legitimate Crypto Trading Software

Immediate Future Review – Scam or Legitimate Crypto Trading Software

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Since the cryptocurrency market is so volatile, people find themselves attracted to tools that do the heavy lifting of trading. Many online trading platforms promise to take care of all the market research and, being semi to fully autonomous, also execute orders and set TP/SL points. 

Trading on such platforms does carry risks, but some promise to be better than the rest – including the likes of Immediate Future. Immediate Future is an online trading platform that claims to make it easier for traders to buy and sell crypto assets as well as other financial instruments. The site promises quick and dependable trade execution while charging a low trading commission.

This immediate Future review will look into the different claims that this platform makes to see if it matches up to the requirements of the traders of today. 

Immediate Future Summary

The Immediate Future website bills it as an online trading platform for investors to trade in multiple types of financial assets, with advanced financial visualization software and extensive market data. These features will form the basis of our review. But before we begin, here are some of the facts about this platform to know:

Supported Crypto Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Dash, and More
Success Rate Not Verified
Available on Mobile? App is available
Fees It takes a commission – but the exact amount isn’t available 
Customer Support 24/7, but only accessible to those who register 
Withdrawal Speed 24 hours maximum
Minimum deposit $250


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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is Immediate Future?

This relatively new crypto trading bot platform claims to take cues from social trading platforms – giving users extensive tools to assess the market and make sound trading decisions quickly and more profitably. 

The site promises to provide registered users with over 100 technical studies and a dozen of drawing tools necessary to trade informally. Immediate Future also claims to offer users risk-reward ration calculations, options trades, and a deep insight into the market to spot unusual trading activity and make quick decisions about the market. 

The site claims to offer futures trading as well – for advanced investors who have the foresight to invest in long-term and riskier assets. 

Immediate Future advertises itself as a platform that offers a wide range of choices to pick to make similar trades. Easy navigation and quick access to high-end tools are seemingly available. 

However, we were only able to confirm that the signup page works and the registration process are easy. The rest of the features that the site claims it has aren’t provable at this moment – since we were unable to access it. Third-party reviews of this platform are also limited. And although Immediate Future claims that its features are guarded under secure software measures and superior customer support – it seems that these features are only accessible to registered users. 

Registration takes a $250 deposit to the official account. The official website also indicates that there is a low commission model, but the details about the same are not available.

Because of the obvious lack of details, we recommend exercising caution when you go to this platform for your crypto trading needs. 

Immediate Future Pros and Cons

Immediate Future claims to offer multiple analytical tools to assess the markets before trading. But these aren’t foolproof, as here are the pros and cons of this site to understand before starting to trade on it. 


  • Claims to provide over 100 technical research tools
  • According to the website – over 10 drawing tools are available
  • Supports both hands-free and manual trading
  • Supports crypto trading as well as trading of financial assets and CFDs
  • Claims to have a low commission for using the facilities


  • Not much information is available on the website
  • The commission-related information is not available
  • A deposit of $250 is required to start trading
  • Customer support only for registered users
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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

How Does Immediate Future Work?

Immediate Future claims that it works in a conventional manner – similar to other cryptocurrency trading platforms. After registering an account, users might have access to a bunch of trading tools that they can use to assess the price charts. These advanced trading tools include all the necessary indicators and drawing tools that advanced traders can leverage to predict market conditions – according to the claims. 

Day Traders can also switch to hands-free mode, which it will perform similarly to a standard auto-trading platform – taking trading decisions quickly to generate gains. Demo trading is also an available facility for users who want to try out the site before investing real money. Transaction fees, withdrawal, and deposit fees are absent – according to the site. There is a small commission – but the details of the same aren’t available other than a slight mention that it is “low”. 

Mobile trading might also be available – according to the official home page, and the customer support team can be reached out to 24/7. 

That said, no evidence exists to substantiate these claims. Customer reviews about the site are limited, and no one has mentioned much about the other factors of this platform. Investors are therefore recommended to do their own research before trading on Immediate Future. 

Immediate Future Key Features

Listed below are the key features mentioned on the Immediate Future site:

Advanced Trading Tools Available

The website claims that all kinds of trading tools – even the most nuanced ones reserved for advanced traders – become available to those who register on the website. These tools consist of 100 technical indicators and over 10 drawing tools, as well as access to information that could change the market. These tools are supposedly meant to keep users updated about the different happenings of the cryptocurrency space. 

These tools include uSmart, which is popular among beginners as it simplifies the financial jargon and offers step-by-step instructions to trade. Other facilities include Questrade and TD Ameritrade – the former offers commission-free stock trading options, and the latter offers a wide variety of educational resources, including a chat with the customer support team for assistance. 

Note that these facilities are likely only available after you create an account – as there is no information on them on the website’s home page. 

Claims a High Success Rate

Immediate Future claims that its AI crypto trading robot can assess the market quickly and provide profitable trade setups to investors of all levels. The site also claims that users can customize the in-app tools before starting to trade – even though it hasn’t provided any further details. 

Absence of hidden fees

The site claims that it does not ask for any hidden fees. Transaction fees, withdrawal, and deposit fees aren’t charged, and the commission is low. While the details about the commission aren’t visible, it is likely that you will learn about them when you sign up on this website. 

Demo Account Supported 

Trying out the website is made easy using a demo trading account – which is why most crypto trading platforms offer it. Immediate Future makes the same claims and says that its paper-trading facility allows users to have a go at all the advanced tools. But access to a demo trading account is locked behind the deposit requirements. 

Instant Transactions

Immediate Future claims that all transactions are instant. Users can use traditional fiat methods to deposit the amount and will seemingly get their profits transferred to their bank accounts. Deposits are instant, but withdrawals can take up to 24 hours to finish. 

Immediate Future Account fees

Immediate Future doesn’t charge any fee, apparently. Deposit and withdrawal fees are absent – and so is the traditional transaction fee. However, the website does say that it does take some commission on profits that users generate.

Trading Fee None
Account Fee None
Commission Has a low-commission model
Withdrawal/Deposit Fee None
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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Immediate Future Minimum Deposit 

Users need to deposit at least $250 to get access to the website’s trading facilities – including advanced trading tools, a demo account as well as customer support. 

Immediate Future Compatible Devices

We tested Immediate future’s official page on the following devices and found the platform to be working optimally. 

  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Tablets
  • Apple Phone 
  • Android Phone

Is Immediate Future Scam or Legit?

Now to answer the question – is Immediate Future scam or legit?

Immediate Future promises to be a trading platform providing investment opportunities to all types of financial assets. The platform supposedly offers a wide range of trading tools to make things easier for trades, and the fee is apparently low.

However, while these offers are enticing, there is no proof to substantiate that claim. The official website is light on the details and doesn’t provide much information. Third-party sites have not heard anything about those details either, and their response to the most answer is “great platform,” – which is not enough for traders who want to run a thorough background check before investing their money. 

Customer reviews have given us a mixed reaction to this site. Some say that the site is good and the trading tools are great. And others find it to be lacking. We also find some that are painting Immediate Future as a scam. 

Finding the truth through these varying opinions is quite difficult, which is why we aren’t certain if it is legit or a scam site. Our recommendation is to do your own research and test the tools yourself before making that assessment. But crypto trades are risky – so invest only what you can afford to lose. 

Immediate Future Customer Support

Immediate Future apparently has 24/7 customer support that can only be reached via live chat or email. While there is a contact us page, non-registered users can’t reach out to the support team. Customer support is likely available only for registered users. 

How to use Immediate Future?

After running a thorough assessment of the website, if you want to start trading on Immediate Future, follow the steps below. 

Step 1 – Visit the Immediate Future Website

The first step is visiting the official website of Immediate Future. Click on the “Register” button after entering your email, name, and phone number to start the process. Your account will be created after a quick verification. 

Step 2 – Make the Minimum Deposit

Deposit the minimum required amount – which is $250. You can deposit that amount using multiple fiat methods, including credit or debit cards, as well as bank transfers. 

Step 3 – Start Trading on Immediate Future

Go to your account and start trading. You will likely have access to all the advanced trading tools for investing in the crypto of your choice. But make sure to go through the demo trading account first – as many of its features can be quite difficult to understand. 

How to Delete Immediate Future Account?

There is no official statement given by the official website about how to delete the account. But some reviewers have pointed out that you can reach out to customer support to delete your account. 

Does Jeff Bezos Use Immediate Future?

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is known to talk about cryptocurrencies. However, many take it as him endorsing trading – which snowballs into rumors of him using robo advisors such as Immediate future. We reviewed these rumors and found no evidence to substantiate these claims. 

Does Elon Musk Use Immediate Future?

Elon Musk might be one of the biggest celebrities to talk about cryptocurrencies, but it doesn’t say anything about whether he is interested in crypto assets other than Dogecoin. Furthermore, we also didn’t find any evidence to support claims that he uses Immediate Future for his crypto trades. 

Does Martin Lewis Use Immediate Future?

Martin Lewis is one of the biggest names in financial journalism. However, there is no evidence to suggest that he uses Immediate Future to trade cryptos.

Who is the Founder of Immediate Future?

There are no details available about the founders. We tried looking at third-party review sites, customer reviews, and social media sites and came up with nothing. It is likely that most aren’t aware of this platform – which might be seen as a red flag since we now want more transparency from crypto trading sites.

Immediate Future Payment Methods

Here are the payment methods applicable in the Immediate Future.

  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfers

The Verdict

Immediate Future promises a lot of things, ranging from better trading tools and advanced trading mechanics to making trading easier. The site also claims to have no hidden fees, and the commissions it charges are low. 

However, information that legitimizes these claims is little. No one is talking about Immediate Future on social media sites, and what little information we could find was equally vague. Therefore, we recommend our readers be cautious when using this trading platform. 

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Immediate Future FAQs

What is Immediate Future?

Immediate Future is a crypto trading platform that claims to offer advanced trading tools to make trades easier for all levels of investors. It claims to implement the best charting tools that advanced and novice traders can comprehend quickly to make better trading decisions. 

Does Jeff Bezos use Immediate Future?

There is no evidence to support claims that Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and a billionaire, uses Immediate Future for his trading needs. 

What is the minimum deposit on Immediate Future?

To start trading on Immediate Future, you need to deposit a minimum of $250. It seems that all the features that the site claims it has been locked behind this deposit requirement. 


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