Groundbreaking Passive Income Platform Crosses $1.1 Million – Learn Why Investors are Getting Excited.

Groundbreaking Passive Income Platform Crosses $1.1 Million – Learn Why Investors are Getting Excited.

Groundbreaking Passive Income Platform Crosses $1.1 Million – Learn Why Investors are Getting Excited.

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A groundbreaking passive income platform recently crossed the $1.1 million milestone during its fundraising as investors are becoming increasingly excited about the project’s potential. Metropoly is in the final stages of its presale, and investors are quickly rushing to get involved at the lowest possible prices before the token hits exchanges.

Metropoly has created an innovative real estate NFT marketplace that keeps the possibility of purchasing real estate alive without needing to go through a bank or fill out mountains of paperwork. Furthermore, all holders of the NFTs are entitled to their share of the passive income on the property generated through the rental yield. To find out more, keep reading.

Metropoly Crosses $1.1 Million During Fundraising

The Metropoly presale recently crossed the $1.1 million milestone as investors hurry to get the last METRO tokens that are up for sale. The presale is currently in its eleventh stage, selling each METRO token for a price of $0.0769.

The presale uses an increasing pricing mechanism that sees the cost of the token rise during each subsequent presale stage. With just five days to go in the current stage of the presale, this might be your last chance to get invested before the price increases.

The METRO token is an ERC-20 token that will be the main transaction and reward token used on the platform. The token will have a supply of 1 billion, and users that purchase NFTs on the marketplace using the token are entitled to cashback on their purchases – providing it with a solid utility.  

NFT Marketplace Filled With Real-Estate-Backed NFTs

Metropoly has the potential to totally transform the real estate investment market as we know it. The project has created the world’s first NFT marketplace filled with NFTs backed by real-world assets in the form of real estate. The entire idea of the platform is to make real estate investment as accessible to everybody as possible, allowing investors to start their property portfolios in a matter of seconds.

By democratizing real estate investment, Metropoly has removed the requirement for investors to contact a bank to secure a real estate deal. This is particularly beneficial in today’s climate, with interest rates rising, causing the cost of borrowing through a mortgage to become increasingly expensive. Furthermore, there are no credit checks or geographical restrictions on the platform, meaning anybody from anywhere in the world can invest with as little as $100.

The initial starting capital requirement is so low because all of the real estate on the NFT marketplace is fractionalized into little pieces. Once broken down, the bits of property are tokenized as NFTs to represent ownership. So purchasing one of these NFTs means you’re investing in a shared investment ownership of a property.

Owning the NFT still grants you all the same real estate investment rights. For example, you can sell your NFT on the marketplace at any time to take advantage of any capital appreciation on the property.

Does Metropoly Really Provide Passive Income?

the tenant living there. Rental yield is widely considered one of the most stable forms of cash flow, which is why the wealthiest 1% of individuals in the world used real estate investment to grow their fortunes.

The rental income is totally passive because the Metropoly team acts as the property manager for each of the properties in their portfolio. This means that they will handle the maintenance, find tenants, and ensure they’re paying rent each month.

As a result, NFT holders simply need to keep the NFT in their wallets to receive the passive income each month, paid directly to their wallets in stablecoins.

Final Days to Invest Before Price Hikes

The best part about investing in the Metropoly presale is that you won’t be waiting too long for the NFT marketplace to be released and for your investment to start seeing returns. The team has stated that they intend to launch the marketplace around May 1st, 2023 – leaving just a few weeks before the entire presale is complete.

The current stage of the presale is scheduled to end within the next five days, providing you with your final opportunity to get invested in METRO at the current $0.0769 price level. After the eleventh stage is complete, the price of the token will increase further before the presale has concluded.

Overall, Metropoly has created a groundbreaking solution to the real estate investment problem, making it more accessible to users across the globe. Once the marketplace is released, we can expect huge returns from this token.

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