Fast Growing Play-to-Earn Game Fight Out Tops $5.5m Invested – Countdown Started for Price Increase

Fast Growing Play-to-Earn Game Fight Out Tops $5.5m Invested – Countdown Started for Price Increase

Fast Growing Play-to-Earn Game Fight Out Tops $5.5m Invested – Countdown Started for Price Increase

Thursday, March 16th, 2023 – With only hours remaining before the token price increases in its second-to-last stage, Fight Out, a play-to-earn fantasy gaming ecosystem supported by a train-to-earn model, has successfully secured over $5.53 million from investors.

Currently priced at $0.02850, on Friday the price rises to $0.0309 and then seven days later, in the final stage, it goes to $0.0333, which is also the centralized exchange (CEX) listing price.

The presale ends on March 31, with the first CEX listings on April 5th

So far, Fight Out has pre-announced listings on seven exchanges:, LBank, BKEX, Changelly Pro, BitForex, DigiFinex and Uniswap.

Fight Out rewards you by how much you stake and invest with a bonus of up to 67%

Excitement around the project has been heightened among prospective investors by the revamped bonus program, in which additional tokens amounting to 67% on top of the original purchase amount are awarded.

To avail themselves of the top-tier offering at least $50k of tokens must be bought and held for 36 months. 

Those who have already invested and taken advantage of the bonus will receive an extra 10% token distribution.

However, for those investors who do not wish to stake their tokens, there is now a new ‘no vesting’ tier too.

There is also now a 5% referral program denominated in the USDT (Tether stablecoin).

100% gains for early investors when presale ends, 7 CEXs will list FGHT on April 5th

Investors who bought at the low introductory presale price of $0.01665 will be sitting on paper returns of 100% when the fundraise ends.

Still, buyers at today’s price of $0.02850 will make a gain of 16% at the listing price of $0.0333.

900 million tokens are available for purchase in the presale, out of a total supply of 10 billion. 

4.5% of the supply is reserved for the bonus pool and 10% for exchange liquidity.

9% of the max 10 billion supply of FGHT will be sold during the presale, with another 4.5% for the bonus pool and 10% reserved for exchange liquidity.

Fight Out is supported by Transak, LBank Labs, Block Labs and

A gaming system like no other, based on ‘soulbound’ avatars

Fight Out is the only play-to-earn gaming system built to revolve around a ‘soulbound’ avatar. These are NFTs that can only ever represent one person and cannot be traded.

The great advantage of this approach is that there is no monetary barrier to entry, either now or in the future.

Users pit their digital persona against other community members, taking part in daily, weekly and monthly challenges to earn more prizes.

FGHT is the native digital asset of the ecosystem and will help to develop the project’s real-world elements, while rewards are distributed in REPS, the system’s off-chain token. 

Complete workouts, take part in challenges and competitions and users will be rewarded with REPS.

The token can be used in the marketplace to upgrade avatars, buy apparel, access personal trainers and discounts on membership subscriptions.

REPS can either be earned or bought with fiat or FGHT. When buying with FGHT, purchasers receive 25% extra REPS, helping to incentivize holding of FGHT and further enhancing its value in the ecosystem.

Foundation for the world’s first fantasy gaming ecosystem 

These elements together constitute the foundation of what will flourish as a fantasy gaming ecosystem at a number of levels.

The platform will become a center for wagering on the outcome of bouts with avatars connected to real-world individuals. For instance, a virtual fight could be set up between Jake Paul v Tommy Fury.

The winning bets you rack up, the more your avatar will grow and change based on your streaks. This is a unique offering in the crypto space.

Algorithms connected to real-world data will determine how each fantasy fighter performs.

Fight Out – train hard, fight easy, win big!

Fight Out has also signed on four elite athletes to act as ambassadors – not only will they help market the project, they will also produce masterclass-style content in the app.

British boxing star Savannah Marshall, who fought Claressa Shields in the most-watched women’s match ever, is on board. UFC pair Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos (both ranked top 10 in their weight class) are also in the Fight Out ring, as is American Ninja Warrior NBC star and training guru Tremayne Dortch.

With hundreds of millions of dollars flowing into the Web3 sector, Fight Out stands out as the only play-to-earn gaming platform with a real-world angle.

What’s more, aside from competing in games, in the Fight Out fantasy gaming ecosystem, users can interact and socialize with the rest of the community. 

As the community grows, it becomes more essential as the place to stay connected as well as play and bet.

With Fight Out you train hard, fight easy, win big – it encourages training, makes it easier to compete with other users and lets those same users wager on outcomes. 

The project’s mission is to provide users with a gaming community situated inside a unique and unrivaled fantasy gaming environment. 

There is nothing else like Fight Out, so investors can be assured that their funds are going towards creating a market-leading product that’s a great value proposition.

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