DigiToads (TOADS) Boasts Record Growth and Raises Over $1 Million as Presale Stage 3 Begins

DigiToads (TOADS) Boasts Record Growth and Raises Over $1 Million as Presale Stage 3 Begins

DigiToads (TOADS) Boasts Record Growth and Raises Over $1 Million as Presale Stage 3 Begins

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The cryptocurrency market continues to boom by constantly introducing new, innovative tokens. With the crypto market continuously evolving, it is vital for new tokens seeking to make their mark in the ecosystem to possess features with immense peculiarities. 

DigiToads (TOADS) is a unique cryptocurrency with a difference that intends to become the best cryptocurrency to invest in. Hitting the meme coin industry by storm, this token has managed all crypto news recently through its P2E gaming ecosystem and cool NFTs platform.

DigiToads (TOADS) could replace the likes of DogeCoin (DOGE)  as the best crypto investments by the end of 2023. 

Please keep reading to find out why DigiToads (TOADS) boasts record growth and raises over $1 Million as the third stage of its presale begins. 

DigiToads’ (TOADS)  Enticing P2E Gaming Ecosystem

One significant property distinguishing the DigiToads (TOADS) project from other projects in the crypto space is its stirring new Web3 game. The game allows users to acquire, nurture, and customize one-of-a-kind battle avatars known as DigiToads. 

Each DigiToad, which possesses its unique characteristics, will be chosen by players based on the avatar’s strengths and weaknesses. The aim of the P2E game is for players to make their DigiToads the strongest in the swamp and make the DigiToads project the best crypto investment. To achieve this, players use TOADS tokens to purchase food, training equipment, and food for their DigiToads. 

TOADS tokens are ERC-20 DeFi coins, the main currency powering the DigiToads ecosystem. At the end of every DigiToads gaming season lasting over a month, the top 25% of game leaderboard players will receive TOADS tokens as rewards. 

Since the DigiToads DeFi project is community-oriented, its community members are always rewarded. 50% of the revenue generated from selling items in the P2E game will be assigned to the DigiToads prize fund. This fund is distributed among the top 25% of players, allowing them to earn passive income while playing the game. 

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DigiToads’ (TOADS) Presale Growth Heads to Breaks Records as Stage 3 Begins

The DigiToads (TOADS) presale has been created so that credible crypto users can participate on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The presale phase of the DigiToads DeFi project, divided into ten stages, offers crypto users the chance to gain up to 5.5x return on investment or see up to 450% returns. During the first two stages of its presale, the DigiToads project garnered over $1m. Currently entering the third stage, the value of the TOADS token is expected to skyrocket beyond expectations, according to investors’ predictions, as DigiToads is well on its way to becoming the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

DigiToads (TOADS) is Taking NFT Staking to the Next Level

NFT staking is not an uncommon practice in the crypto world today. The DigiToads (TOADS) project funds its NFT staking platform by adding 2% of every credible crypto transaction performed in the staking pool using the TOADS token. This is done to ensure that the members of the DigiToads community are rewarded for staking. 

NFT holders are then allowed access to the staking pool to stake their cool NFTs regularly. Holders who stake their NFT for extended periods will earn more rewards. 

One of the primary reasons for this token’s popularity is its outstanding presale success so far. This DeFi coin has quickly generated almost one million dollars in presale growth, putting investors in a frenzy. 

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